• Are you looking to advertise your business to new markets?
  • Are you struggling to increase your clientele?
  • Shortcut gives you the chance to rise above the competition and reach out to your prospects; not only before your competitors in Canada but also before your clients arrive in Canada.
  • Shortcut is a web series that target your prospects and future clients and reaches out to them during their planning process offering them solutions in your business for problems they might face in the future.
  • Shortcut is covering a very wide geographic area by being presented in the most important language in the whole world, Shortcut is presented in Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Bengali & French. By choosing the language you want to sponsor, you are choosing your target audience.
  • Sponsoring Shortcut will give you the opportunity to be in your prospects’ mind and plans once they land in the country. They will also get the chance to contact you even before arriving in Canada.


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